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between Farmers and Beekeepers

Share information about hive locations and crop protection activities easily. With BeeConnected, farmers and beekeepers can seamlessly communicate and collaborate, ensuring the safety of bees and encouraging sustainable farming practices.

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Benefits for all

A Win-Win
for Bees and Agriculture


For Beekeepers

  • Easily register hive location
  • Plan hive movements, notify farmers about hive location changes in advance
  • Be aware of nearby crop protection activities
  • Easily contact farmers, share information about beehives

For Farmers

  • Easily register farm location
  • Share information about planned crop protection activities
  • Receive instant notifications of nearby beehives
  • Communicate seamlessly with beekeepers nearby

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BeeConnected is not just a web application, it is a powerful tool that you can carry in your pocket. With the mobile app, you can access all features from anywhere, anytime.

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Register Location

Get quick alerts about beehives and crop protection activities nearby.


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